Why Lean Body Blitz Works

It's Backed By Science

There are a lot of fitness “experts” out there with little more behind their name than a weekend course and some internet reading. But we’ve partnered with highly qualified and experienced trainers to bring you a plan backed by the latest, tried-and-tested scientific methods that’s guaranteed to work. Your workouts have been designed by Shona Hendricks, head of sports science at the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria. Your eating plan was developed by Sarah Chantler, a registered dietician at Shelly Meltzer & Associates in Cape Town.  So the plan has been developed for women by women who understand your needs.

Low Injury Risk

The biggest cause of injury in any kind of exercise regimen is trying to go too hard too fast or attempting complex movements without knowing the proper form. This plan will start you off with the basics and slowly build intensity so you naturally grow you strength and confidence. Follow the step-by-step instructional videos and you’ll make it through without a niggle – and with sizzling results to show for it.

Get Healthier For Life

Lean Body Blitz  is not a short-term fix. Both the eating plan and the workout are designed to teach you how to make healthier choices and fit healthy habits into your lifestyle. So you can still enjoy the benefits and maintain your results long after the 12 weeks are up.

You'll See Results

This plan isn’t a slog or a sacrifice. The workouts are simple and fun. The food is tasty. You’ll find the plan easier to stick to than you think. And, as your lifestyle starts becoming healthier, you’ll soon start noticing changes in your body, too.